Drew Phillips, senior CFO advisor at PracticeCFO, talks with Gary about what he’s learned helping full-arch practices grow, the difference between a sales model and a recurring revenue model in dental, and why you need to know that full-arch is an all-or-nothing bet.
Stacy Farley, co-founder of Full Arch Sales Academy, returns to the show to talk about how she’s teaching dentists to start closing 70% of their full-arch cases and what steps go into creating a winning full-arch sales funnel.
Armand Jusuf, S3 Smiles’ technical director of guided surgery, joins Gary to talk about how digital dentistry is dramatically reducing the number of appointments needed to complete a full-arch restoration, how this can also lower costs, and what the downsides are.
Dr. Mark McCawley, a periodontist at McCawley Center for Laser Periodontics and Implants, joins Gary to talk about why failing full-arch implants are a huge problem in dental, how he treats failed implant cases, and why dentists who want to do only full-arch cases risk causing harm.
Dr. Stephanie Miner and Nikki Cox, owner and treatment coordinator of West Lakes Dentistry, talk about how they’re generating 10 arches a month as a GP practice, why full-arch marketing is so different, and how they’ve solved the patient financing problem.
Dr. Jason Auerbach, founder of Riverside Oral Surgery, talks with Gary about creating an ideal patient journey, why he came to embrace social media, and why good marketing is all about relationships.

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