Margaret McGuckin and Gary talk with Dr. Joshua Renken about what he’s learned from building full-arch systems that can scale to multiple practices, why his practices don’t hire admin staff, and why dentists who want to add full-arch shouldn’t rush it.
i3 Ignite’s Margaret McGuckin returns to the show to join Gary in a conversation with Linda Harvey, founder of the Dental Compliance Institute, about the top compliance mistakes full-arch dentists make, plus how to solve them.
Margaret McGuckin returns to the show, alongside GnA Consult founder Greg Essenmacher, to talk about what makes a successful full-arch consult, why empathetic listening is so important, and how to overcome operational barriers to conversion.
In episode 2 of our special series featuring I3 Ignite co-founder Margaret McGuckin, she joins Gary and Unify founder Tanner Applegate to talk about why AI is making it easier for more practices to add full-arch, how dentists can take advantage of new tech opportunities, and how to integrate new tech into your workflow.
i3 Ignite co-founder Margaret McGuckin, along with CEO Johnny McCray and COO Michael Price of Lake Liberty Corporation, join Gary for a conversation about how rising interest rates are affecting the full-arch space, whether patients would prefer a better rate or a lower monthly payment, and how to find the right words to use when talking to patients about their financing options.
Jack Meyers, SMC’s director of marketing, returns to the show to share how to use 7 essential KPIs that will help you optimize your funnel so you can create, convert, and close more full-arch patients.

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